Kamaratih SPA Salatiga

With outstanding reviews, Kamaratih SPA Salatiga offers relaxation and rejuvenation right at your fingertips. Nestled in a picturesque setting, Kamaratih Spa Salatiga is the sanctuary where your stress and concerns dissolve. Leveraging techniques that have been effective for over three centuries, it aids in alleviating pain and enhancing circulation.

Kamaratih SPA Salatiga Package

KAMARATIH SPA presents a tailored selection of treatments for both individuals and couples. Indulge in our exclusive series of signature therapies, including relaxing body massages, exfoliation, organic facials, and our unique offerings. Our curated packages are ideal for all seasons, rejuvenating your skin’s radiant glow and ensuring complete body relaxation.

Karansih Couple Treatment                                            

Massage, body exfoliation, body mask, refresh & clarify facial spa, flower milk bath/herbal bath

Unwind and rekindle your bond with a loved one in the ultimate retreat. Start with a soothing massage, followed by a choice of scrubs and a body mask. Conclude this treatment with the blissful sensations of our Refresh & Clarify Facial Spa, paired with a luxurious body bath.

Price : IDR 1,150,000/175 minutes

Sekar Pembayun Place Ritual                                             

Massage, body exfoliation, body mask, refresh & clarify facial spa, flower milk bath/herbal bath or ratus

Immerse yourself in the beauty ritual of the Javanese palace with us. Begin with a massage, followed by a scrub treatment and facial spa. The ritual culminates in either a body bath or a ratus treatment.

Price : IDR 625,000 / 175 minutes IDR 625,000

Prameswari Rejuvenating Ritual                                              

Massage, lulur mangir scrub, yoghurt application, flower milk bath/herbal bath or ratus

The treatment begins with massage and follows with aromatic Javanese lulur mangir application as a gentle exfoliator. Our therapist rubs lulur on your skin and closes the treatment by brushing yoghurt all over your body as natural moisturizer. The treatment will close with body bath or ratus.

Price : IDR 475,000 / 120 minutes

Suksesi Body Glow Ritual                                                      

Massage and body exfoliation

A harmonious blend of relaxation massage and body exfoliation will transport you to a haven of serenity. The session begins with a nurturing massage and gracefully concludes with a gentle scrub application. You’ll likely leave feeling your skin radiate and your muscular tension melt away.

Price :  IDR 400,000 / 90 minutes

Drupadi Classic Ritual                                                             

Massage and Flower milk bath/Herbal bath or Ratus

Rejuvenate your mind and body with this combination of these women’s favorite treatments. Indulge yourself in our signature massage that will release tension and followed with your choice of body bath or Ratus for ladies’ intimate treatment

Price : IDR 385,000/ 80 minutes

Kirana Glow Ritual                                                                   

Massage and Refresh & Clarify Facial Spa

Ideal for those seeking self-indulgence, this treatment starts with a sublime massage, followed by our Refresh and Clarify Facial Spa, expertly designed to cleanse, rejuvenate, and exfoliate away dead skin cells.

Price : IDR 385,000 / 80 minutes

Kamaratih SPA Salatiga Aromatherapy Signature Massage

Drawing inspiration from the time-honored beauty rituals of the Javanese Royal family, this massage offers a respite from the strains of a long workday. If you’re seeking to alleviate anxiety and revitalize your spirit, this therapy fits the bill. Experience a holistic treatment that employs a mix of acupressure, kneading motions, and skin rolling. The massage techniques seamlessly flow throughout your body in extended strokes.

Price : IDR 285,000/ 330,000/ 350,000/60/70/90 minutes

Kamaratih SPA Salatiga Pregnany Massage                              

Prenatal massage aims to relax muscles tense, ease sore spots, and improve circulation and mobility. It improved mood and lowered stress level, reduced prenatal and anxiety and reduce swelling legs.

Price : IDR 285,000 / 50 minutes

Kamaratih SPA Salatiga Sumbadra Dry Massage                      

True to its name, this massage does not involve the use of oils. It encompasses a full-body approach with stretching and pinpoint pressure application. For an optimal experience, we recommend wearing loose and comfy attire. This treatment not only revitalizes your mind and body but also enhances your flexibility.

Price : IDR 250,000 / 50 minutes

Kamaratih SPA Salatiga  Samparan Refexology                   

Reflexology involves applying pressure to specific points and areas on the feet. These trigger points are thought to correlate with various body organs and systems. By stimulating these points, it’s believed to promote self-healing and cellular regeneration.

Price : IDR 220,000 / 50 minutes

Kamaratih SPA Salatiga Suku Foot Massage                      

Tending to weary or sore feet with a rejuvenating foot massage is unparalleled. Such massages can enhance nerve function, elevate energy levels, improve circulation, and activate the central nervous system.

Price : IDR. 150.000 / 30 minutes

Kamaratih SPA Salatiga Mustaka Head Massage                   

A head massage, utilizing pressure points on the scalp, is an effective route to relaxation. It invigorates the top three chakras, fostering physical balance, therapeutic benefits, vitality, and profound relaxation.

Price : IDR 150.000 / 30 minutes

Kamaratih SPA Salatiga Pengkeran Back Massage                  

There are numerous reasons to treat yourself to a rejuvenating back massage. It helps alleviate stress, calms the mind, and eases tension in the neck and back, often associated with prolonged tech usage.

Price : IDR 150.000 / 30 minutes

Kamaratih SPA Salatiga Body Treatment

Refresh and rejuvenate. Our body exfoliation and mask treatments are designed to foster healthy skin by sloughing off dead and parched skin cells. The result is a skin texture that’s smooth and lustrous. We select natural ingredients tailored to meet the unique needs of each skin type.

Kamaratih SPA Salatiga Javanese Lulur                                          

This revered body scrub is considered a premier exfoliation technique from ancient Javanese traditions. A customary health and beauty practice, it was the choice of royal family women for centuries. The unique scent of the golden paste originates from traditional herbs that also stimulate cell renewal and refresh your skin.

Price : IDR 185,000 / 45 minutes

Coffee and Coconut Milk Body Exfoliant                                         

Coffee’s texture makes it an ideal exfoliator, and its anti-inflammatory properties can diminish the appearance of cellulite and enhance blood circulation, leading to smoother skin. A blend of ground coffee, cinnamon powder, rice powder, and coconut milk doesn’t just cleanse — it deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

Price : IDR 185,000 / 45 minutes

Rose Milk Exfoliant                                                                             

For a moisture-rich exfoliation treatment, we suggest a splendid blend of fresh grated rose petals and milk scrub. Once applied to your skin, it transforms dry, flaky, and lackluster skin into a radiant and silky-smooth complexion.

Price : IDR 185,000 / 45 minutes

Green Tea Body Exfoliant                                                                   

Green tea, with its long-standing history, offers numerous health advantages. Derived from ground tea leaves and rich in potent antioxidants, this body scrub not only provides excellent exfoliation and moisturization but also helps diminish acne appearances. Furthermore, it invigorates skin cells and enhances blood flow, countering the effects of aging.

Price : IDR 185,000 / 45 minutes

Bengkoang Body Exfoliant                                                     

Bengkoang offers numerous health and beauty benefits for the skin, including skin brightening, preventing premature aging, promoting a healthy complexion, moisturizing, and combatting acne.

Price : IDR 185,000 / 45 minutes

Kamaratih SPA Salatiga Jamu Body Wrap                                        

Bengkoang provides a multitude of health and beauty advantages for the skin, such as enhancing brightness, warding off premature aging, fostering a radiant complexion, ensuring hydration, and addressing acne issues.

Price : IDR 185,000 / 45 min

Kamaratih SPA Salatiga Body Mask                                                   

We apply a body mask across your entire body, then wrap you up, offering a soothing head massage as the mask sets and dries. Our specialized body mask is designed to deeply hydrate, leaving your skin soft and radiant.

Price : IDR 185,000 / 30 minutes

Kamaratih Facial SPA

We believe that unhealthy skin conditions come from environment, unhealthy diet, or stress. We offer you  our signature facial spa for unwinding and relaxing your mind while your skin being pampered. You may find your skin healthy radiance afterwards.

Pasuryan Aromatherapy Facial                                                   

Cleansing, toning, skin exfoliating, facial acupressure and massage, facial mask

The Pure Aromatherapy Facial takes the senses on an aromatic journey using nature’s most exquisite pure essential oils. A deeply relaxing aromatherapy massage of the face, shoulders, neck and head, and specialized aromatherapy or acupressure points, complete this outstanding facial

Price : IDR 200,000 / 50 minutes 

Refresh and Clarify Facial SPA                                                    

Cleansing, toning, skin exfoliating, facial acupressure

This facial treatment focuses on cleansing and exfoliating, removing excess oil, dirt, and dead skin cells that can lead to blocked pores. The spa experience rejuvenates and revitalizes, transforming dull and lackluster skin.

Price : IDR 125,000 / 25 minutes

Karamatih Cares

Kerokan or Skin Coining Therapy

The Javanese have long known the practice of skin coin-rubbing as a remedy for various ailments. Known as “Kerokan”, this traditional therapy addresses symptoms of common colds, including nausea, lack of appetite, headaches, dizziness, and fainting. It’s believed by the Javanese that this technique dispels ‘heat’ or ‘negative energies’ from the body, contributing to the healing of the illness.

Price : IDR 220,000 / 60 minutes

Kenaka Pedicure

Feet soaking, exfoliation, nail trimming, feet and leg massage, nails polishing

Pedicures begin with a soothing foot soak, followed by exfoliation. Dead skin from the feet’s bottom is then removed using a pumice stone. This is complemented by nail trimming, shaping, and a relaxing foot and leg massage. The session concludes with the application of nail polish.

Price : IDR 185,000 / 60 minutes

Pancanaka Manicure

Hands soaking, exfoliation, nail trimming, massage, nails polishing

Indulge in a hand massage and enjoy meticulous nail care that includes cleaning, trimming, and polishing. Both your hands and feet will be treated to a warm soak, culminating in a finishing touch with a nail color of your choice.

Price : IDR 175,000 / 60 minutes

Sekar Wangi Rutus                                                                       

Javanese princesses traditionally treat their intimate areas with the smoke of burned herbs, spices, and aromatic woods. They held the belief that this practice eliminates germs and imparts a pleasant fragrance to their body.

Price : IDR 100,000 / 25 minutes

Aromatherapy Bath                                                                     

Flower Milk Bath or Herbal Bath Choices of milk & fresh

Experience a floral or herbal spa bath, which is excellent for relaxing muscles and easing anxiety.

Price : IDR 100,000 / 25 minutes

Body Stream Ritual                                                                      

Warm steam aids in relaxing and soothing sore muscles, boosting blood circulation, reducing stress, and promoting skin health.

Price : IDR 100,000 / 15 minutes 

For The Little One

We hold the view that indulging both yourself and your young one is the ideal way to savor a vacation. Allow your little darling to share a tranquil moment with you, teaching them the art of self-care in the process.

Little One Massage

A relaxing and fun traditional massage with soft movement to calm and comfort them, and maybe bring them to sleep

Price : IDR 125,000 / 30 minutes

Pretty Nails Mani

A gentle and enjoyable massage with smooth motions designed to soothe and comfort little ones, potentially lulling them to sleep.

Price : 45 minutes IDR 110,000

Pretty Toes Pedi

Begin with nail trimming, followed by a foot massage, and conclude with either nail polish or a simple nail buff for the finishing touch.

Price : IDR 110,000 / 45 minutes

Kamaratih SPA Salon Treatment

Hair Wash & Blow Dry 50 minutes

Hair wash, conditioner, hair tonic and blow dry

Hair Treatment 75 minutes

Hair wash, cream bath, neck and shoulder massage, conditioner, hair tonic and blow dry Hair treatment with head, neck and shoulder massage improves the blood circulation and revitalizes hair & scalp, leaving them healthy and fresh

Hair Cut 50 minutes IDR 200,000                                                                                       

Hair wash, conditioner application, hair tonic application, haircut, and blow dry Available for women only.

Hair Toning 75 minutes

Hair wash, toning, conditioner application, hair tonic application and blow dry Available dark tone only.

Kamaratih SPA Location

Jl. Magersari, Ringinawe, Tegalrejo – Salatiga 50733 Central Java – Indonesia

Information for Reservation

Fur futher information WA 0815 7552 9120

Business Hours

09.00 Am. – 07.00 PM Last order – 05.30 PM

Review Kamaratih SPA Salatiga

Kamaratih SPA Salatiga offers an exciting experience for family vacations. Kamaratih SPA Salatiga is vast and lush, which might be a bit eerie for some, but for us, it offers a cool and peaceful ambiance. Some aspects we noticed during our stay:

(+) Pros a. Strategically located, only 10 minutes away from the center of Salatiga. b. Very friendly and helpful service from the staff and crew. c. Excellent security (room doors use access cards). d. Very peaceful environment, complete with a swimming pool and gym. e. Three-star price but with five-star facilities.

(-) Cons a. Delicious food, but the menu could use more variety. b. Noise from the adjacent room can still be heard even with the door closed.

God willing, I will return if I plan to visit Salatiga in the future.

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